Our prime role is to source experienced professional and managerial staff for our clients and we utilise the following methods:

Searchwe identify potential candidates through desk research and industry networking and individuals are then contacted directly. This approach is traditionally used for the most senior, ‘visible’ appointments for which confidentiality is paramount and/or for particular disciplines - at any level - for which the pool of potential of candidates is small.

Selectioncandidates are sourced by means of advertising in the relevant published or online media. Apart from providing an opportunity to make a rapid, broadly-based approach to the marketplace, advertising can also serve a dual purpose as an effective promotional tool. We have experience of handling solus vacancies through to multiple, multi-disciplinary campaigns.

Candidate Databaseover the years we have built up an extensive network of contacts in all of the key disciplines. At any one time, we are in touch with a variety of individuals who are either actively looking or who have asked to be kept informed of suitable openings as they arise. As a matter of course, for any client recruitment needs, we always investigate this resource in the first instance.
Support Services

We can also work on behalf of clients by providing complementary resources or expertise for recruitment projects:

Advertising – we can provide a full service which includes advising on suitable media, preparing advertising copy, organising the purchase of media space and the design and production of advertisements.

Response handling - in addition, if desired, we can offer a tailored approach to dealing with the response to an advertisement from providing a personalised acknowledgement to all applicants through to conducting a first screen of c.v.s against agreed criteria.

Psychometric Testing

We are authorised administrators and interpreters of the following

  • Saville & Holdsworth personality, numerical and cognitive reasoning tests
  • The Hogan Personality Inventory:
    a test designed to gauge individuals’ suitability to a specific job and work environment